Saturday, March 17, 2018

Me Listen to Audio?! #10

This week I've continued to listen to Charles Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop. I've listened to episodes five through ten so far. I've reached the part of the story where it's completely new to me. I'd attempted the novel a few years ago. It is holding my interest. Some story lines more than others. There are a few characters--okay ONE character in particular--that I just can't help boo-hissing every time he enters a scene. I have come to loathe his voice simply because I hate the character so much. I believe there are twenty-five episodes in all. What keeps it perhaps from becoming overwhelming is the fact that each episode is less than fifteen minutes long!

I also listened to "The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace."  There is just one more episodes of The Inimitable Jeeves left. It has been so much fun to revisit these stories. I definitely enjoy it more than The Old Curiosity Shop!!!

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