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Death of Riley

Death of Riley. (Molly Murphy #2) Rhys Bowen. 2002. 336 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: "You want me to do what?" I demanded so loudly that a delicate young female walking ahead of us glanced back in horror and had to reach for her smelling salts. I burst out laughing.

Premise/plot: Molly Murphy, our heroine, is still determined to become a private investigator. True, she's never been trained or apprenticed. True, she lacks actual experience as a detective. True, she doesn't have money to start her own detective agency. But don't try to stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Miss Murphy DOES find a private investigator, a Mr. Riley. He agrees oh-so-reluctantly to hire her. Not because he believes she'll make a good actual assistant. But because his business is a complete and total disaster. She can help keep things clean and organized. She can make his job--his life--easier by doing so. If she happens to pick up a few little lessons on how things work here and there, that's okay by him.

But a few weeks later, Mr. Riley is found MURDERED. She's the one who finds his body in the office. Who could have killed him? Was he killed because of one of his open cases? Can Molly Murphy finish his few open cases? Can she more importantly still SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF WHO MURDERED HIM?!

She does find a new place to live in this one...and new characters are introduced...some old characters reappear.

My thoughts: This one was good but a bit silly. I mean I guess the first book had its silly moments too. But I was swept up so thoroughly in the first book that I never stopped to think about is this realistic? is this true to history? is this true to human nature? does this make sense?

I say that it's silly but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I have every intention of going on with this series!

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