Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Noelle At Sea (Girls Survive)

Noelle at Sea: A Titanic Survival Story. Nikki Shannon Smith. Illustrated by Alessia Trunfio. 2019. 112 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Noelle squinted at the water.

Premise/plot: Noelle at Sea is one of the new titles in a new series, Girls Survive. Noelle is a young French girl traveling with her parents on the Titanic. (They are second class passengers. Her father is Haitian, and her mother is French.) While on board, Noelle becomes friendly with a third-class passenger, Pauline. The two become so close that Noelle gives Pauline a few dresses. When the ship hits the iceberg, Noelle becomes concerned about Pauline's safety. Will she risk her own life to find and save her friend?

My thoughts: I checked out four of the Girls Survive series from my local library. It was a tough decision on which one to read before bedtime. I didn't want to read the one about fire, that's for sure. So I settled with the one with potential drowning. I hope to read the remaining books soon.

I liked this one well enough. I don't seek out books set on the Titanic. It doesn't matter if I know the whole 'women and children first' scenario ahead of time. It doesn't. I was not ready to see the father die. And, of course, die he does. Noelle was brave and foolish. Foolish to keep turning down opportunities to get on the life boats. Foolish to run away from her parents. But all in all brave to go in search of her third-class new-best-friend. Noelle thought that she was Pauline's one and only chance to make it off the ship. She probably was. When I read about the Titanic, I tend to get angry at a lot of people's foolishness.

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