Friday, May 26, 2023

107. An Ocean of Stars

An Ocean of Stars. Becca Mionis. 2023. 421 pages. [Source: Library] [Link to cover image]

First sentence: "Xanorra Nepier, the council will see you now."

Premise/plot: The synopsis from GoodReads starts off strong, "Girl, meet boy. He’s the reason you’re lost in space." The heroine, Xan (or Xanorra), is the "sole survivor" (so she thinks) of a "space pirate" attack. Her escape pod was damaged and--for better or worse--she was rescued by the attacking ship. Captain Omen (his first name is literally Captain) has been raised by A.I. robots. At least within his own memory, he's never seen--or interacted with--another human being. (His birthday messages from his parents do reveal that his parents did hold him as a baby--before shipping him off into space.) So Captain and Xan are the sole humans on board this vessel. And the ship's A.I. robots are one-minded. MISSION, MISSION, MUST FULFILL THE MISSION. And the mission doesn't include Xan. At all. Not even a little bit. Xan's presence on the ship distracts Captain, to say the least. Can she teach him to be human and less robotic? What will the come to mean to one another?

My thoughts: Science Fiction. Set in space. Some romance. What's not to love? This one started off strong, in my opinion, the hero was giving off a mix of Sheldon Cooper and Beast (from Beauty and the). The banter was of decent quality. There was some suspense and tension. But the more I read, the more disappointed I ultimately became. (I am not saying all readers will.) As the story progressed, my vibes switched from Beauty and the Beast to Isaac Asimov...and while I appreciate some of his work...I didn't really want super-creepy-robots intruding on the story. But ultimately, I think I was mainly disappointed by the lack of ending. It didn't even particularly end in a dramatic cliff-hanger way. It just ended with a whimper. 

I liked some things. I didn't like other things. I think it depends on your expectations on if this one is for you.

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