Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sunday Salon: Why Do I Read?

Does the world need this post? No. Definitely no. Do I sometimes feel the need to reassure myself and reassess by writing such a post? Yes. 

Reading is a habit. Reading is a choice. Reading is deliberate and intentional. Reading is spontaneous and fun. 

I think reading, for me, has become so embedded in a BRAID of reading-reviewing-blogging, that it can be a bit messy to separate it all out again. 

Would I still read books if I never wrote another review? 

Would I still read books if I retired from blogging? 

If I never once wrote about books again, would I still be a reader? 

Would I still choose to read books each and every day? 

How long would I go between books? Would I approach reading books the same way? 

Would I choose different books? Is my reading taste really different if I'm reading 100% for me? Should it be? 

If I am reading for me, why do I write reviews? Are reviews more for me or for others? Is there a right answer to this question?

Would I keep reading (and reviewing) even if my reviews are only seen and read by less than a dozen people? less than a handful? Do I need *any* validation to keep reading?

Am I looking for validation? for appreciation? for bragging rights? Am I reading for the right reasons? Is there a wrong reason to read? Is reading its own reward?

What is most satisfying...reading the book...or posting a review???

Would I still be a reader if I wasn't also a reviewer? a blogger? 

Is reading still my "first love"? Or has it become mechanical, just something I can do so I can keep on keeping on with the blog?

Do I want to finish a certain number of books per week because I genuinely love reading? Or am I thinking about the rankings on GoodReads? Is it wrong to want to move up the list? 

These are the questions that I don't know if I can ever fully answer--internally. Definitely not going to try in this post.

I want to read for the right reasons. I want reading to be first and foremost. I want to care more about reading than I do about the rest of it, the trappings, the byproducts. I want to be madly in love with reading without getting caught up and overwhelmed in the other stuff. 

© 2023 Becky Laney of Becky's Book Reviews


Cathy said...

I love the questions and would love more to read the answers. I read all day, but only what I want to read, and I stopped reviewing more than a decade ago. But I am grateful for the people who still read and review. It is a ton of work, without much monetary rewards.

Gretchen said...

These are great questions. I took a break from blogging and reviewing and am reading much more than I was. I love to read reviews and anything about reading really, but it is a lot of work to review and blog.