Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gone From These Woods (MG)

Seagraves, Donny Bailey. 2009. Gone From these Woods. Random House. 192 pages.

I didn't want to shoot a rabbit that cold November morning in 1992.

What a heavy little book this one is. A tragic story (fictional) of a hunting accident and how it tears an already dysfunctional family further apart. How it destroys (at least for a bit) the young boy (just eleven years old) responsible for his uncle's death.

Daniel Sartain, our narrator, has a sad story to share. And it wasn't always a story I was ready and wanting to hear. The guilt, the shame, the pain, the loss, the confusion, the anger; it went all over the place--emotionally. As it should, as you would expect. So I wouldn't say this story would be for everyone. But for those readers who can handle it, those who can go to the dark places, then this one might work well because it is well-written and compelling. And it is a hopeful story as well. Yes, it goes to very dark places. It explores dark and heavy emotions that are just uncomfortable, but it doesn't leave you there. It's an ultimately hopeful story of a journey through darkness to light, to a healing of sorts.

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Tina's Blog 11:24 AM  

I just bought this from Amazon and am excited to read it!

J. Kaye 1:42 PM  

It really does sound deep...love that cover.

Anonymous,  8:21 PM  

Hey, I just found your blog. Love reading through all your reading challenge posts!

You should check out this new one I just discovered. I'm going to join as soon as I get my book list together for it.


This book you did a review on, Gone From These Woods.. it looks SO GOOD! I think I'll have to get it from the library.

Catch ya later,

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