Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Darkwood (MG, YA)

Breen, M.E. 2009. Darkwood. Bloomsbury. 273 pages.

Annie Trewitt, our heroine, has much to learn in M.E. Breen's Darkwood. For one, she'll learn just how strong and brave she really is. An orphan, quite naturally, she is being raised by her "Aunt Prim" and "Uncle Jock." Her sister, Page, went missing several years earlier. Thought to have been eaten by the kinderstalk, the savages that roam round at night. These kinderstalk are the stuff of legends, warnings given to children young and old. But when her uncle threatens to sell her, Annie flees. At night. Heads towards the forest. Is she crazy for thinking that she stands a better chance there than in her own home? With only a pet cat (or two) for company, Annie's adventure is only beginning.

The book is quite atmospheric, especially in the beginning. Breen has created a fantasy world and gone to the trouble of presenting her readers with a five-senses-tour of it. Something I appreciate as a reader. I think it makes for a quick read, a fun read. I'm curious to see how quick readers are at predicting the twists in this one. Curious to see if it is something that only adults (and avid readers) pick up on, or if this one isn't as suspenseful as it should be. Overall, I liked it.

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Fedora Wearing Biggins said...

sounds like a good read. i review books AND films over at

Anonymous said...

I like the blogs. There is great new book out that has yet to be reviewed and that is Mound Hill cemetery by William Swafford

DesLily said...

well this went on the old wish list! I hope you are happy lol !

Debi said...

Ooooh, this sounds like one I might really love! Thanks, Becky!