Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Give A Goat, Update

Last December, I participated in a blog tour for Give A Goat, a picture book published by Tilbury House. It's a story about a group of kids who were inspired by reading another book--Beatrice's Goat--to raise money for Heifer International, an organization that gives animals--heifers, goats, ducks, water buffalo, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, llamas, etc. to individuals and communities in need. These animals are the gift that keep on giving. They provide for the family long-term. And are the first step to creating better lives. (See their gift catalog.)

I knew soon after reading it that I wanted to do something. So in January when it came time for our church to plan its missions, I suggested that the children adopt Heifer International as their mission (their very first mission, I might add) for the spring. I thought it would be a fun project for kids because of the farm animal aspect. There were several layers to this project. Families were encouraged to collect coins all spring long. The kids (there were five kids involved ranging in age from two to six) were encouraged to draw pictures. (Pictures being drawn during Sunday School and at home.) My mom, their Sunday School teacher, had the great idea early on to have an "art auction." (Selling raffle tickets 4 for a $1, you could enter to win great pieces of kid art. Each artwork having its own bowl to collect tickets.) There was also (on the same day as the art auction) a special program during the church service. The kids sang "Rise and Shine," "Old MacDonald," "Six Little Ducks," and "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands." A special offering was also collected at this time.

When we started, we didn't know how much (or how little) we'd be able to raise. After all, our church is small. (Average attendance thirty or less each week.) But I'm quite pleased of what we were able to accomplish! All in all, we raised $767. 40! After all the money was counted--and all the coins rolled--we decided to let the kids vote on what to "buy." We knew we wanted a heifer, but that still left some money to go towards other animals. After a vote--mom made such a cute little graph, letting them vote with animal stickers--they decided to buy a pig, a trio of rabbits, two flocks of chickens, and two flocks of ducks.

I encourage you to visit Heifer International, read about what they're doing, and consider making a gift yourself.

We made bookmark inserts for our bulletin featuring farm animal stickers:

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome Becky!! Our library did something similar last year, but I don't even think the entire library raised as much as your small church!

Jen Robinson said...

That's great, Becky! And I agree - it's an impressive response, especially from such a small church.

Shanra said...

What am impressive result, Becky! (And what a great idea too!)