Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Babymouse: The Musical

Holm, Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm. 2009. Babymouse The Musical (#10). Random House. 94 pages.

I love Babymouse. I do. The Babymouse graphic novels are really great books for younger readers. (Each graphic novel can stand on its own. So don't worry about trying to read them all in a certain order.) What do you need to know about Babymouse? She's a mouse with a BIG imagination, and a lot of heart; she also is not so fond of math. Or Felicia Furrypaws for that matter.

In this one, Babymouse is persuaded--by the ever-so-cute, new student (Henry Higgins)--to try out for the school musical. She doesn't get the lead, but she does get the role of understudy. That's the short premise of this one.

This one is clever and witty and fun. It's not so much what happens as to how it happens. Throughout the book, Babymouse parodies some really great musical numbers. Some may be more familiar to readers than others. But I think all work well.

It would be hard to pick an absolute favorite scene, but I think the one--in math class--where Babymouse imagines herself at Rydell High comes close to perfection. (They sing "Tell Me More" only it's about math class and fractions.)

Tell me more
Tell me more
Did you study real hard?
Tell me more
Tell me more
Did you try the flash cards?

I definitely recommend this one!

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