Saturday, August 22, 2009

Siren Song (MG)

Ursu, Anne. 2007. The Siren Song. Simon & Schuster. 435 pages.

Once, not so long ago, inside an ordinary middle school in an ordinary city in an ordinary state in the middle of an ordinary country, a small redheaded eighth grader was doing something very ordinary indeed. Charlotte Mielswetzski (Say it with me: Meals-wet-ski. Got it? If not, say it again: Meals. Wet. Ski.) was in the school office calling her mother. And lest you think she was calling her mother for some interesting reason, let me assure you she most certainly was not.

It's been months since Charlotte and her cousin, Zee, saved the Underworld from Phil. But the consequences of their actions are still being felt. For one, Charlotte's parents--especially her mother--have not forgotten. Charlotte is still ultra-grounded. For another, Phil has not forgotten either. And Philonecron isn't going to be forgetting anytime soon. He's bent on revenge. He wants Charlotte to suffer...and then some. How's a guy like Phil go about taking revenge? By trying to enlist some help from his grandfather, Poseidon, of course. He certainly can't expect to win all on his own, now can he? Not when he got beat so badly by an eighth grader.

Charlotte and Zee are in danger. Though Charlotte is the one he hates above all, Zee is still part of Phil's evil plans and schemes. So both are definitely in danger...though neither realizes it in time to save themselves some trouble.

Action. Adventure. Greek mythology come to life in the modern world. While the first book explored Hades and the underworld, this one explores Poseidon's realm or kingdom--the sea.

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Suko said...

I don't judge books by their covers but this one is wonderful. It sounds as if you enjoyed this sea faring tale, Becky.