Sunday, December 02, 2012

Board Books

 Fa La La. Leslie Patricelli. 2012. Candlewick. 26 pages.

It's almost Christmas. I LOVE Christmas! We go to pick a tree. This one? This one! We put on the lights. Look at ME! I'm a Christmas tree! We decorate a gingerbread house. BOOM!

I really LOVE all of Leslie Patricelli's board books. Fa La La is no exception. If you've enjoyed other titles starring this little baby--books like Yummy Yucky, Tubby, Potty, No No Yes Yes, Baby Happy Baby Sad, Higher Higher, or Faster Faster--you should definitely read this one! It is almost Christmas, and this family is preparing for the big day: picking out a tree, decorating the tree, making cookies, making and wrapping presents, visiting Santa, and going caroling. It's a fun little book.

Huggy Kissy. Leslie Patricelli. 2012. Candlewick. 26 pages.

Tuggy, tuggy. 
Huggy, huggy?
Squeeze, squeeze.
Don't stop please!
Mommy kisses all my toesies.
Daddy kisses on my tummy.
They both want to eat me up.
I'm so yummy, yummy!

I really do love Leslie Patricelli. I love this little baby!!! I do. In this adventure, he wants a lot of affection and attention. It starts with a tug on Daddy's pant legs and a baby's uplifted arms...and it just gets better from there. Who does this little one want to hug and kiss? Mom and Dad, obviously, but also a friend, the cat, the dog, the fish in his bowl, Grandma and Grandpa, aunt and uncle,  etc. It's another fun book.

Mine. Shutta Crum. Illustrated by Patrice Barton. 2011. Random House. 32 pages.

I have a difficult time reviewing wordless picture books. This one isn't technically wordless, it does feature two words: mine and woof. But. All of the story is communicated through the illustrations alone. The illustrations let readers know the tone for the word 'mine.' (And there are plenty of pages that are wordless.) In this book, a toddler and a baby are given an opportunity to play together. Readers see the mothers place the two together in a room full of toys. There's also a puppy...and a water bowl. The illustrations are so expressive making it easy to follow the story. I definitely liked this one.

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