Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Salon: Other Movies Watched This Year

Batman Begins and Dark Knight. I was hesitant to give Batman a try, at first, but I am so glad I did! Even though it isn't a genre I typically seek out, it surprised me with its depth. Both films were intense and compelling. I thought both were well done--good storytelling, good dialogue, good acting, etc. I didn't realize how much stayed with me until I began reading Paul Asay's God On the Streets of Gotham which quotes quite a bit from Nolan's films. The scenes have depth and there is always something to think about or consider. The films feel thoughtful and rich. I haven't watched the third film yet; I hope to do so soon! These are films that I'd like to watch again.

Men in Black 3. I have always enjoyed the Men in Black films. So I knew this was one I'd want to watch. I was surprised by how much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. For the first time in this series, there is something more to the story. Something substantive and rich in meaning and significance. On the surface, it is about men in black trying to save the world, once again. But. That's not the whole story. And this was the first time I felt there was sincerity and authenticity to the characters, the scenes, the story. Plus, it has TIME TRAVEL. The movie begins with a prisoner escaping from prison. Boris wants revenge on the agent who sent him to prison--the agent that caused him to lose an arm. He wants to go back in time and kill Agent K...and that is when J begins craving chocolate milk. I won't talk about what happens or even attempt to discuss what it all means. But. This film is one I LOVED. A film I've seen twice now. (I'm tempted to watch it again but I'm trying to fit some Christmas movies in before Christmas.)

Pittsburgh. Now this is a film (mockumentary/documentary) starring Jeff Goldblum. I would never have picked it up if there hadn't been a Music Man connection. In this "film" Jeff Goldblum is preparing to star in the role of Harold Hill in a local production of The Music Man in Pittsburgh. There are plenty of scenes showing rehearsals and giving a behind-the-scenes look at the show. In this case, the director trying to transform Jeff Goldblum into a somewhat believable Harold Hill. It was interesting to see him singing the songs I know so well--76 Trombones, Ya Got Trouble, etc. But there are more stories to follow in the film. Stories that didn't exactly interest me as much. I am glad I watched it even though I'd probably not watch it again.

White Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I don't LOVE it as I do Holiday Inn. But I enjoy it. There are some really enjoyable scenes in White Christmas. The musical number "Sisters," the song-and-dance number "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing," the train scenes, and, of course, the opening and closing scenes with the focus on the song White Christmas. The ending IS magical.

Muppet Christmas Carol. This is one of my FAVORITE Christmas films. It's so quotable too! I just love this adaptation of Charles Dicken's The Christmas Carol. I love that it's a musical. The music is just perfect. It is ESSENTIAL to view it with "When Love Is Gone" however even if that means watching it in full screen instead of widescreen. According to Amazon (and wikipedia) the song is NOT included in the newest Blu-Ray and DVD releases.

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Unknown said...

Of all the Christopher Nolan Batman films, Batman Begins was my favorite. I thought that The Dark Knight was the best, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for BB. The Dark Knight Rises, however... I have issues with it, to say the least, issues which I detailed in the review of the Dark Knight Saga on my own blog, The Life and Times of Levi Sweeney. A good series of films, but not my most favorite depiction of Batman.