Monday, December 17, 2012

Growing Up Humming

Growing Up Humming. Mike Spinak (text and photographs). 2012. CreateSpace. 46 pages.

 Growing Up Humming chronicles the time the two Anna's hummingbirds chicks spend in the nest. Readers meet the mother hummingbird, Big Sister, and Little Sister. (Big Sister is two days older than Little Sister.) Through text and photographs, readers can learn more about the baby chicks leading up to the oh-so-important day when they're ready to leave the nest and fly. (Big Sister is ready to leave the nest much sooner than Little Sister who is a bit reluctant.) There are over thirty pages of photographs, and these are quite fascinating showing off these birds in great detail. The text explains what daily life is like for these chicks, what changes they are undergoing day by day, etc. I enjoyed both the text and the photographs. I thought the book was very informative.

This nonfiction picture book would be great for little nature lovers or little bird lovers. The photographs and text complement each other nicely. The narrative flows as easily as a story, but, it has plenty of information as well.

Read Growing Up Humming
If you are interested in birds and baby chicks
If you are looking for nonfiction picture books to share with your child

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