Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Completed Challenge: Vintage Mysteries

What I read for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge this year: 

I'll be joining My Reader's Block's Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge. I hope to complete TWO THEMES. For a total of 16 books. I am not sure I can complete two themes. I just know I want to try!!! All books must have a publication date before 1960.

Golden Age Girls: 8 books by female authors OR 8 books with female detectives

1. The Tuesday Club Murders. Agatha Christie. 1932/2007. Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers. 256 pages.
2. Lady Audley's Secret. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. 1862/1998. Oxford World's Classic. 496 pages.  
3. Poirot Investigates. Agatha Christie. 1924/2011. HarperCollins. 256 pages.
4. Mrs. McGinty's Dead. Agatha Christie. 1952/2011. HarperCollins. 272 pages. 
5. The Man in the Brown Suit. Agatha Christie. 1924/2012. HarperCollins. 320 pages.
6. One, Two Buckle My Shoe. Agatha Christie. 1940/2011. HarperCollins. 240 pages. 
7. The Seven Dials Mystery. Agatha Christie. 1929/2012. HarperCollins. 304 pages.
8. The Secret Adversary. Agatha Christie. 1922/2012. HarperCollins. 352 pages.

Cherchez le Homme: 8 books by male authors OR 8 books with male detectives

1. The Case of the Runaway Corpse. Erle Stanley Gardner. 1954. 210 pages. 
2. The Dead Witness: A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Detective Stories. Edited by Michael Sims. 2011. Walker & Company. (Late December 2011). 608 pages.
3. The Mystery of the Blue Train. Agatha Christie. 1928/2011. HarperCollins. 320 pages.
4.  The Secret of Chimneys. Agatha Christie. 1925/2012. HarperCollins. 336.
5. Too Many Women. Rex Stout. 1947/1985. Bantam Books. 176 pages.
6. Champagne for One. Rex Stout. 1958/1995. Random House. 224 pages.
7. The Demolished Man. Alfred Bester. 1951. Random House. 245 pages.
8. The Daughter of Time. Josephine Tey. 1951/1995. Simon & Schuster. 208 pages.

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Bev Hankins said...

Congratulations, Becky! A lot of good titles on those lists. Hope you had a good time with them. Completing two themes automatically makes you eligible for a prize--if you'd like to claim it, just shoot me an email at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com.

Will you be joining in for the 2013 version?