Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Completed Challenge: New to Me Authors

I signed up for Literary Escapism's New Author challenge. I love discovering new-to-me authors. I  signed up to read twenty-five new-to-me authors. I stopped keeping track once I reached 52.

1. Carola Dunn. Death at Wentwater Court. (Daisy Dalrymple #1)
2. Jeanne Cavelos. The Shadow Within
3. Peter David. In the Beginning
4. Golden Keyes Parsons. His Steadfast Love
5. Carmen Agra Deedy. The Cheshire Cheese Cat.
6. Anne C. Voorhoeve. My Family for the War.
7. Kimberly Derting. The Pledge.
8. Mike Mullin. Ashfall.
9. Christine Seifert. The Predicteds.
10. Irene Nemirovsky. All Our Worldly Goods.
11. Erik Larson. In the Garden of Beasts
12. Kyle Idleman. Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus.
13. Denise Hunter. The Accidental Bride.
14. Barbara Wright. Crow.
15. Sylvia Louise Engdahl. Enchantress from the Stars
16. William Steig. Dominic.
17. Megan Crewe. The Way We Fall.
18. Karen Sandler. Tankborn.
19. Catherine Austen. All Good Children.
20. Marissa Meyer. Cinder.
21. Winifred Conkling. Sylvia & Aki.
22. Alfred Bester. The Demolished Man.
23. George R. Stewart. Earth Abides.
24. Kate Pullinger. The Mistress of Nothing.
25. Yevgeny Zamyatin. We.
26. Pete Nelson. Left for Dead: A Young Man's Search for Justice for the USS Indianapolis.
27. Mei-Ling Hopgood. How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: Child-Raising Discoveries from Around the World.
28. Robert Jordan. The Eye of the World
29. Clifford D. Simak. City.
30. James Blish. The Star Trek Reader. Twenty-one Novelized Episodes Based on the Exciting Television Series Created by Gene Roddenberry.
31. Sheila Turnage. Three Times Lucky.
32. Sophie Littlefield. Hanging By A Thread.
33. Robin Wasserman. The Book of Blood and Shadow.
34. Sarah Reese Brennan. Unspoken.
35. Jessica Khoury. Origin.
36. Emmy Laybourne. Monument 14.
37. Chris Howard. Rootless.
38. Jeff Hirsch. The Eleventh Plague.
39. Pat Bourke. Yesterday's Dead.
40. Serena B. Miller. A Promise to Love.
41. Mindy Warshaw Skolsky. Hannah Is a Palindrome.
42. Leigh Bardugo. Shadow and Bone.
43. William Alexander. Goblin Secrets.
44. Dave Shelton. A Boy and a Bear In a Boat.
45. Johnny O'Brien. Day of the Assassins.
46. Jessica Warman. Beautiful Lies.
47. Erle Stanley Gardner.  The Case of the Runaway Corpse.
48. Jane Myers Perrine. The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek.
49. Sandra Byrd. The Secret Keeper.
50. Elizabeth Wein. Code Name Verity.
51. Lisa M. Stasse. The Forsaken.
52. Patrice Sarath. The Unexpected Miss Bennet.
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