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Death At Wentwater Court

Death at Wentwater Court. Carola Dunn. 1994. Kensington. 254 pages.

"He'll come to a bad end, mark my words, and she won't lift a finger to stop him. It's the little ones I'm worried about." The stout lady heaved a sigh, her old-fashioned mantle, a hideous yellowish green, billowing about her. "Four already and another due any day now."
Daisy Dalrymple was constantly amazed at the way total strangers insisted on regaling her with their life stories, their marital misfortunes, or their children's misdeeds. Not that she objected. One day she was going to write a novel, and then every hint of human experience might come in handy.

I found Death at Wentwater Court a pleasantly cozy read. Was it the best mystery ever? Probably not. But it was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. What I liked best about this mystery was the heroine. I just really enjoyed getting to know Daisy Dalrymple. And this novel--the first in a series--made me want to spend more time with her. I liked her personality, her character. And I also liked her love interest, Alec Fletcher, the inspector of the crime(s). Their conversations were quite fun! For those that like the lightest touches of romance with their mysteries, I think this one won't disappoint. I also enjoyed the setting of this one--England in the 1920s.

So Daisy Dalrymple is a journalist and photographer. She has come to Wentwater Court to write an article and take some lovely photographs. She is just getting to know the family--for better or worse, just beginning to make some observations about their personal lives--their troubles--when the worst happens. One of their guests is murdered. The murder isn't obvious, the body is found in such a way that it looks like an accident. But Daisy and her camera discover the truth....that a crime has been committed. What isn't obvious--to Daisy--is who did it.

Can Alec and Daisy solve this one?

Read Death at Wentwater Court
  • If you enjoy cozy mysteries
  • If you enjoy mysteries set in Britain
  • If you enjoy reading Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie
  • If you enjoy historical mysteries
  • If you're looking for a very light, very quick read

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