Friday, January 13, 2012

His Steadfast Love

His Steadfast Love. Golden Keyes Parson. 2011. Thomas Nelson. 336 pages.

The sweet, gooey peach pie filling had overflowed its crust and dribbled down the side of the plate.

His Steadfast Love is set in Texas during the Civil War. The heroine of His Steadfast Love is a young woman named Amanda. Before the war, Amanda meets a young soldier, Captain Kent Littlefield. He's attracted to her despite their different backgrounds--he's from the North, from Pennsylvania; she's from the South, from Texas. He doesn't 'like' the fact that her father owns slaves. And Amanda's father doesn't really see him as a good match for his daughter, he wants a Southerner, a Southern gentleman. So even before war is declared this courtship is problematic...

Most of this novel is rushed. Readers see all the years of the Civil War. Readers see it from Amanda's side. As a concerned sister with a brother in the Confederate army. And as a sweetheart. She knows that she loves Kent. He has told her that he loves her and that he wants to marry her...after the war...with or without her father's or brother's approval. Readers also see it from Kent's perspective and Daniel's perspective. (Daniel is the brother.) Though mainly it's focused on Amanda and Kent. 

I liked this one. But I didn't exactly love it. I never really came to care strongly about the characters. It was a quick read, an enjoyable one. I just didn't find it to be amazing or wonderful.

Read His Steadfast Love
  • If you're a fan of Christian historical romance. In my opinion this is stronger as historical than romance, but that could just be me.
  • If you're a fan of historical fiction set during the Civil War
  • If you're a fan of fiction set in Texas
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