Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And the award goes to...

As part of Fig and Thistles Dickens in January project, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on some of the characters from the Dickens novels that I've read. (A Christmas Carol, Bleak House, Our Mutual Friend, Little Dorrit, Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, and David Copperfield.)

MOST ROMANTIC COUPLE:  John "Rokesmith" and Bella Wilfer from Our Mutual Friend

GREATEST ROMANTIC HERO: John "Rokesmith" from Our Mutual Friend

MOST TRANSFORMED HEROINE: Bella Wilfer from Our Mutual Friend

GREATEST SIDEKICK TO A HERO: Sam Weller from Pickwick Papers.

GREATEST-GUARDIAN-EVER: John Jarndyce from Bleak House.

BEST OVER-ALL HEROINE:  Esther Summerson from Bleak House

THE SILLIEST OF HEROINES: Dora Spenlow from David Copperfield

THE GOODY-TWO-SHOES HEROINE: Amy Dorrit from Little Dorrit


THE HERO WHO TOOK THE LONGEST TO REALIZE WHO HE REALLY SHOULD BE WITH: A tie between Arthur Clennam from Little Dorrit and David Copperfield from David Copperfield.

THE ORPHAN I FEEL MOST FOR... A tie between Lizzie Hexam from Our Mutual Friend and Oliver Twist from Oliver Twist.

BEST STRONG-WILLED, NO-NONSENSE AUNT: Betsey Trotwood from David Copperfield

BEST AT SHOWING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Daniel Peggotty from David Copperfield

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Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I love this post! I'm right in the middle of Bleak House right now and David Copperfield is one of my favorites. I really want to read Our Mutual Friend soon, it made quite a few of your spots!

L.H. Thomson said...

It's surprising how his style stands up relative to the writing style of the day. Nicholas Nickleby was my fave as a kid, as I was stuck in a boarding school that could have only been described as "Dickensian."

I hadn't even heard of "Our Mutual Friend," so you have peaked my curiousity.

Annette said...

David Copperfield is my numero uno favorite book! I just love it!