Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Brother's Shadow (MG)

My Brother's Shadow. Monika Schroder. 2011. FSG. 224 pages.

I definitely enjoyed this one. It was so emotional, so intense. This historical novel is set in Germany--in 1918--during the last few months of the war. The narrator, Moritz, is sixteen and working as a printer at the Berliner Daily. Moritz struggles with many, many things throughout the novel. For example, he loves his older brother, Hans, so much. Yet he can't quite be okay with some of his older brother's friends--his brother was part of a gang. And he feels horribly guilty wanting the war to be over--no matter who wins or loses--because his brother is a soldier. And he's more embarrassed than impressed by his mother's socialist leanings. Why does his mother have to be a LEADER in the Socialist/Democrat party?! Why must she call for such radical changes?! So what does he believe to be best for Germany? Will he side with his mother, his sister, his aunt? Or will he side with his older brother who returns home from war a changed man--very angry, very cruel, very bitter?

I liked this one. I thought it was very well-written. I liked the characterization. I liked the powerful story. It was interesting to see the German perspective of the war.

Read My Brother's Shadow
  • If you're a fan of historical fiction
  • If you're a fan of war stories
  • If you're a fan of stories set in Germany during this time period

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