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Other Books I Read This Year

Bitterblue. Kristin Cashore. 2012. Penguin. 563 pages.

I think I would like this one more if I had taken the time to reread Graceling and/or Fire. Or perhaps if I'd liked Graceling and Fire more than I did in the first place. (I remember wishing I'd read Graceling and Fire closer together. I definitely remember them both as being almost books for me. Almost as good as I'd expected based on what I'd read/heard.) The good news is that Bitterblue is a compelling read, once I began reading it I wanted to know what happened next. And I was intrigued with the mystery of it, the political intrigue going on, etc. But I never really came to "love" the characters. I liked the characters, the storytelling, the writing. I enjoyed it enough to keep reading, but I was never this-is-the-best-book-ever.

Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick: A Year in Stuff. Jennifer L. Holm. 2012. Random House. 128 pages.

This was a quick read, though it wasn't as quick as I initially thought it might be. It is a graphic novel, of sorts, starring a young eighth grader named Ginny Davis. She's just moved and she's getting ready to start a new year at school. She is nervous and hopeful, for the most part. And she definitely has plans and goals for what she wants to happen this year. Some of what does happen is COMPLETELY unexpected. Like what happens with her step-Bob and her mom... This one surprised me in places, and was predictable in other places. Overall, I did like it. It didn't wow me, but I wasn't expecting to be wowed.

The City of Ember: The Graphic Novel. Jeanne DuPrau. Dallas Middaugh, Niklas Asker illustrators. 2012. Random House. 144 pages.

I have always loved Jeanne DuPrau's City of Ember. I have read it multiple times, always enjoying and loving it. I love the premise, the story, the characters, the mystery, etc. I was so excited to read the graphic novel of this novel. I thought the adaptation was great. I thought it was a quick and compelling read. I thought the illustrations were great!!! I love seeing the contrast between Ember and the real world which they're discovering for the very first time. Of course, I'm always going to love the novel more than any adaptation of it--graphic novel or film. But. I think this is a lovely way to visit or revisit Ember!!!

Starry River of the Sky. Grace Lin. 2012. Little, Brown. 304 pages.

Part of me wishes I'd reread the first book, but, I suppose it's not too late to reread it now. This one certainly made me want to stay in that magical world. I definitely enjoyed this one very much, I'm not sure what more to say. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, there was something wonderfully mysterious about most of the characters. And the mystery unfolds with each story that is told in the novel. I loved the role of stories and storytelling in this one. It really celebrates storytelling and shows how stories shape us and how stories and legends are formed. I thought the illustrations were lovely. It was a beautiful book.

Penny And Her Doll. Kevin Henkes. 2012. HarperCollins. 32 pages.

I definitely enjoyed reading Kevin Henkes' second Penny book. In this one, Penny receives a lovely doll from her grandmother. She LOVES her doll; she loves everything about her doll. The conflict in this one is that Penny cannot think of a good name, a proper name, a "just right" name for her new doll. She knows that her doll needs a name--after all everybody has a name. But how will she know which name is the RIGHT name for her doll? The story is told in short chapters. I loved the writing and the story.

Let's Go For A Drive. Mo Willems. 2012. Hyperion. 64 pages.

I've loved every Elephant & Piggie book, this one Let's Go For a Drive is no exception. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Elephant and Piggie so much that it would be hard for me not to enjoy each adventure. I do like some books better than others, there will always be favorites for me within the series. This one probably won't make my favorite-from-this-series list. But I did enjoy it. With each rereading I enjoyed it a little more. Gerald, the elephant, is making plans, BIG PLANS for his drive with Piggie. They'll need...umbrellas, sunglasses, maps, bags, the list just goes on and on and takes a while for Gerald to think of the obvious--they'll need a car. Since it would just be silly for either friend to have a car, Gerald becomes distraught until Piggie finds a way to play together that doesn't require any plans!

I love Gerald. I do. I love how he's illustrated in this book. I love seeing his expressions, his emotions. His enthusiasm is lovable. I also love Piggie, of course. I love Piggie's solution to this problem. I just love, love, love the illustrations, they tell so much!!!!

A Heart for Milton. Trudy Brasure. 2011. Createspace. 398 pages.

For people who just loved the movie, this one may prove to be a satisfying read...especially if they also enjoy adult romance novels. (The scenes are mild in comparison to some, but this book is definitely not 'clean.') It is an adaptation or variation on Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. This book has them marrying sooner, and it starts off with great promise. It follows their first year of marriage--for better or worse, a first year which also includes a pregnancy. This is a financially difficult year for the couple, and it's a year that readers of the classic novel only catch a glimpse or two of. John Thornton is struggling to keep his mill open, and he's facing financial ruin. In the classic by Gaskell, Margaret saves him in more ways than one. In this adaptation, she's right there by his side through it all believing and encouraging him. In some ways, I enjoyed seeing this adaptation, appreciated the changes to a certain extent. I also enjoyed getting the chance to know Mrs. Thornton (John's mother) much, much better. I really came to love her!

I don't read adult romance, for the most part, it's something I choose not to read. And I would have liked a cleaner adaptation of North and South. But I do think the author did some things well.

A Gentleman of Fortune. Anna Dean. (A Dido Kent Mystery #2) 2011. 336 pages.

I enjoyed this one. I think I enjoyed it even more than the first in the series. I loved the heroine, Miss Dido Kent. I thought she was great at playing detective and solving yet another mystery. I enjoyed the setting and liked getting the chance to meet new and interesting characters. It was fun to piece together the clues. I think my favorite parts are her letters to Eliza. I am glad this one wasn't focused too much on the "romance" of the heroine.

Gossamer. Lois Lowry. 2006. 176 pages.

I've been in the mood to read Lois Lowry lately, and this was a lovely reread for me. I just love Littlest (Gossamer). I think the premise is oh-so-magical and definitely imaginative. The writing is just what I've come to expect from Lowry. The storytelling was beautiful. I came to care for the characters as I read on in the book, and I liked how everything worked together.

The Humming of Numbers. Joni Sensel. 2008. 256 pages.

The first time I read this book, I loved it. I remember gushing about how amazing it was. So I decided to reread this one. I remembered it as being amazing and wonderful, but, this second reading didn't thrill me. It's a great reminder of just how subjective reading is and how mood factors into how much a person loves a book...or not. I did like it the second time, it's not that my opinion changed completely. It's just that it was definite like and not love. I think the first time through I focused on the adventure of it--the danger of it, the Vikings. The second time I wasn't worried about that threat, and I was able to see the rest of the story, and the "romance" didn't quite work for me.

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