Saturday, June 20, 2015

48 Hour Readathon, Day 2

MotherReader is hosting the 10th Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge. I'll have a post I update throughout day one, and I'll have a post I update throughout day two. My start time is Friday, 9AM.

7:45 Woke Up, Bible Reading: Philippians 1-4, Jeremiah 1-5
8:20-8:40 Breakfast, Still Watching The Prestige
8:40-9:10 Computer time, blogging stuff
9:10 READY TO START DAY TWO's Reading.
9:10-10:20 Read seventh book, Jon Walter's Close to the Wind. 290 pages, 70 minutes. 
10:30-11:10 Read eighth book, Stephanie Barden's Cinderella Smith. 148 pages, 40 minutes.
11:20:11-40 Lunch, Still Watching The Prestige
11:45-1:00 Read ninth book: Edward Hogan's The Messengers. 208 pages, 75 minutes.
1:10-1:40 Walk #1, Listened to Hawk Nelson, today I'll share Words.
1:40-3:30 Read tenth book: Sarah Crossan's Apple and Rain. 352 pages, 110 minutes.
3:30-4:30 Got migraine, spent time in bed, ate supper, continued watching The Prestige
4:30-5:15 Read eleventh book: Tim Grove's First Flight Around the World. 96 pages, 45 minutes. 
5:15-6:40 Admitted defeat and went back to bed, read some Charles Spurgeon's sermons
6:40-7:15 Walk #2
7:20-7:50 Showered trying to see if it would help me feel better; then computer time
8:00-10:00 Watched part two of Return of the King, extended edition
10:05-11:10 Read twelfth book: A.W. Tozer's The Root of the Righteous, 192 pages, 65 minutes.
11:10-11:40 Read some in James Cross Giblin's The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler, 38 pages, 30 minutes.
11:45 - decided to go to bed
Sunday, 7:15 AM, woke up, Bible reading: Psalm 107-138
7:55-8:10 Breakfast, still watching The Prestige
8:15-9:00 Meant to read something--anything--but didn't!

Day Two Totals:
# of Books:6
# of pages: 1324
# of minutes: 515 minutes (over 8 hours)

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