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Megan's Brood

Megan's Brood. Roy Burdine. 2015. 105 pages. [Source: Review copy]

I enjoyed reading Roy Burdine's Megan's Brood. It was a quick read.

Megan, the heroine, has just moved to a new town, a new house, with her family. Is she happy? No, she is not! This soon to be seventh-grader has some angst in her life. And though a bit moody, she's not outrageously, obnoxiously so. Yes, she would rather spend time in the attic--the room she chooses to be her new bedroom--than with her parents downstairs. But that very well could be because her attic is not your typical attic. There isn't a secret door leading to another world, mind you. But she did discover a cocoon with ten or so eggs in it--and these creatures, her "brood," are magical. Though they're not born with fully developed magical powers. Megan balances her time between caring for "her brood" and spending time with the two boys she's met since moving. Cutter is "the cool friend" who skates and parties. Casper is the super-polite bookworm. The three are not friends, but, she is friends with each boy. Though her "brood" takes more and more of her time as the summer progresses.

Is Megan's Brood action-packed? I wouldn't say that it is. The entire book reads like a prologue. That isn't a bad thing, mind you, fantasy books need prologues and a proper setting up. And by the end, readers get a strong hint that future books will have more action and/or adventure.

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