Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Moo Bird

Moo Bird. David Milgrim. 2015. Scholastic. 32 pages. [Review copy]

Looking for a silly book to read and share with little ones? Or perhaps you're looking for a funny book for your young reader to read to you? Moo Bird by David Milgrim is definitely worth considering.

In the book, readers meet a bird who is a little different. Instead of saying "tweet, tweet, tweet" like his brothers and/or sisters, this little bird chooses to MOO. The bird, initially, meets with a lot of rejection. First from his own nest. Then from other farm animals the bird meets as he searches for cows. He's rejected by a pig, a horse, a sheep, and ultimately a cow. But someone has heard his "moo" and responds gleefully. It seems he will find a friend at last....

I like this one. Perhaps I don't love, love, love it. But it makes me smile. Every time it makes me smile. So that has to say there is something about this one that makes it worth reading, right?

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Suko said...

Becky, Moobird sounds like a cute book! :)