Monday, December 12, 2016

The Reader

The Reader. Traci Chee. 2016. 442 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Once there was, and one day there will be. this is the beginning of every story.

Premise/plot: Sefia and Archer struggle to survive in Traci Chee's new book, The Reader. Pick this one up if you enjoy dystopian fiction, fantasy, action and adventure, or literary fiction. You will have to fully embrace the mystery and allow yourself to be teased from start to finish. There are more questions than answers. The good news--for some--is that it's a new series with a lot of potential.

My thoughts: This one is beautifully written; the world-building is great but remains mysterious. I didn't always know exactly what was going on--or should that be when it was going on?! But I never wanted to put this one down. Sefia, the heroine, was technically both on a quest to find and save "aunt" Nin AND on the run for her life. She is being hunted down for what she carries: a book.


People passed stories from mouth to mouth like kisses, or plagues, until they flowed down the streets, into gutters, streams, and rivers, down to the ocean itself. (55)

Home's what you make it. Could be a ship. Could be what you carry around on your back day after day. Could be family. Or maybe just one person you love more than any other. That's home. (388)

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