Monday, December 19, 2016

Countdown to Christmas, day 19

So Kailana (The Written Word) and I are teaming up again...this time to celebrate CHRISTMAS. 25 days of answering questions! You are definitely welcome to join in on the fun!
When do you wrap presents? As you buy them or the very last minute? Do you love or hate wrapping presents? 

We're terrible, terrible, terrible procrastinators at our house. Not just last-minute wrappers, but last-last-last second wrappers. As in lose-your-sanctification wrappers. As you might have guessed, no one at my house *likes* wrapping presents. The thinking being, well, if I don't do it now, maybe so-and-so will come and do it and I will get out of it. The problem? well, we are all thinking that.

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Tanya Patrice said...

Every single year we wrap gifts Christmas Eve night - my husband says it's because Santa leaves presents under the tree that night ... but inreality it's because we're procrastinators too!

This year though - there's presents already wrapped and underneath 1 whole week in advance!

Kailana said...

I am usually last minute, too, hoping someone else will do it. Amazingly I am on time this year!