Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Countdown to Christmas, days 13 and 14

So Kailana (The Written Word) and I are teaming up again...this time to celebrate CHRISTMAS. 25 days of answering questions! You are definitely welcome to join in on the fun!

 Favorite present(s) from your growing up years...

I always loved getting $5 gift certificates to the local bookstore at the mall. (Long out of business sadly). Those were the days you could get 2 paperbacks for $5. I'm thinking the Babysitter's Club books and the Sunfire romance "name" books.

I also loved Barbies! And other dolls.

Favorite present(s) from recent years.... 

Last year I got a great tea mug that I use every single day :) And I've received Bibles in the past that get daily use as well. With some exceptions.

My friend gets me theatre tickets for Christmas to musical shows ;) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing musical theatre live ;)

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Kailana said...

I wish someone would buy me tickets to musicals. I would have to live where there are some first, though. lol