Saturday, June 03, 2017

Board book: So Many Feet

So Many Feet. Nichole Mara. Illustrated by Alexander Vidal. 2017. Abrams. 34 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: High Feet/ A mountain goat's toes/ help it climb and hold on to/ the smallest bit of rock. Slow Feet/ Giant tortoises move slowly,/ carrying their very heavy bodies/ on their small feet. Fast Feet/ An ostrich has two strong/ toes on each foot that help/ it run fast.

Premise plot: In all, readers are introduced to "High Feet" (mountain goat), "Slow Feet" (Giant tortoise), "Fast Feet" (ostrich), "Snow Feet" (polar bear), "Dancing Feet" (shovel-snouted lizard), "Jumping Feet" (kangaroo), "Hanging Feet" (sloth), "Thumping Feet" (elephant), "Wet Feet" (duck), "Glue Feet" (gecko), "Soft Feet" (tiger), "Blue Feet" (blue-footed booby), "Dirty Feet" (mole), "Scratchy Feet" (chicken), "Picky Feet" (butterfly) and "Snatchy Feet" (bat). Each two-page spread has an illustration of the animal and an animal fact. All facts are feet-related, of course. The book ends with asking readers, "What can your feet do?"

My thoughts: For anyone who loves animals and animal facts, this is a cute and informational board book for families. Some children--even young children--are super-super curious about the world around them. Some days it seems like they have way more questions than you have answers. This book is fact-filled. I honestly haven't been that curious about feet. But this one kept my interest.

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