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Snoopy Contact!

Snoopy Contact! Charles M. Schultz. 2015. 176 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: (Lucy) How can you be happy when you don't know what this year has in store for you? Don't you worry about all the things that can happen? That's in dread...and sensible... (Snoopy) He he he he he he he.

Premise/plot: Snoopy: Contact! is a collection of Peanuts comic strips. Probably half of the comics in this collection feature Snoopy as a World War I Flying Ace in pursuit of the Red Baron. The other half in this collection focuses on all the characters and takes readers through all four seasons.

One of my favorite Flying Ace strips has Snoopy imagining himself landing behind the trenches having to crawl over/under barbed wire before he's spotted by enemy machine gunners. The barbed wire is really a jump rope in action. That comic is on page 14.

Another favorite strip has Snoopy singing for his dinner. I could really RELATE to this one. Charlie Brown ends the strip saying, "I must admit he's a very satisfying person to cook for." This strip is on page 29. (Page 30 has a great summer-themed strip.)

A little later on readers see Snoopy going through a photo album. What's making him so happy? He's looking at pictures of all the supper dishes he's ever owned. (107)

Ever wondered if Snoopy is the kind of dog to make plans?
(Charlie Brown) Well, Snoopy, what are your plans for today?
(Snoopy) Plans? I hadn't even thought about it. But I suppose I'll sleep a little this morning...then this afternoon, I'll take a short nap, and later on I'll try to get more sleep...those are good plans. (54)
One of my favorite winter-themed strips has Snoopy skating. Snoopy has had to do a lot of his practicing at night...because otherwise he's "surrounded by flocks of admiring girls..." (141).

My thoughts: I really love this collection. Snoopy and Linus are my favorite characters from Peanuts. The book is a quick read. I often found myself wanting to share strips with others.

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