Saturday, July 28, 2018

Me? Listen to Audio?! #29

This week I listened to a BBC Radio Drama adaptation of Anthony Trollope's Dr Thorne.

Doctor Thorne. Anthony Trollope. 1858. Adapted by Michael Symmons Roberts. Produced by Charlotte Riches. Directed by Susan Roberts. Three one hour episodes. First broadcast 2014?

Episode one, two, three

Doctor Thorne is one of my favorites in Anthony Trollope's Barchester series. Doctor Thorne is raising his niece, Mary, and she's being pursued by Frank Gresham. But his parents--in particular his mother--disapprove. Mrs. Gresham feels that if her son were to marry Mary Thorne then the world would end--might as well end. She makes it her number one priority to keep these two apart. It will take a lot of work on her part--feelings will be hurt. But should a mother be that interfering?! Frank doesn't think so. He'd rather be with Mary than with any other woman. And he's willing to fight to keep her in his life...

I would definitely recommend this!

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