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The Tea Dragon Society

The Tea Dragon Society. Katie O'Neill. 2017. [Oct. 31, 2017] 72 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Once upon a time, blacksmiths were as important as magicians. They made tools for the healers to cure the sick. Shoes to shod the hooves of working animals. Swords for adventurers to slay monsters. The world was forged in iron...Once upon a time.

Premise/plot: Greta is the heroine of Katie O'Neill's The Tea Dragon Society a middle grade graphic novel. It is a fantasy. Greta finds a small, injured dragon. The dragon is a tea dragon. Her father recognizes the dragon and knows the owner. Greta returns the dragon to its owner, Hesekiel. Seeing her interest in the tea dragon, he invites her to visit his tea shop anytime and learn more about tea dragons and how to take care of them. She also meets Minette and Erik. All three have tea dragons. The book is divided into four sections--the four seasons. Will Greta be lucky enough to get a tea dragon of her own one day?

My thoughts: Odd can be good. It can. I'm not sure that I love, love, love this one. It's not quite my cup of tea. But I liked it. So what makes a tea dragon a tea dragon? I can't tell you their origins of how they came to be, but, I can tell you a little bit about them. Tea dragons grow tea leaves off their horns. The tea leaves--when dried and brewed--offer tea drinkers (especially their owners) a magical trip down memory lane. The shared memories of tea dragons and their caretaker are imparted to the leaves themselves. Drink the tea and you'll be taking a trip.

There are many different kinds of tea dragons: Jasmine Tea Dragon, Rooibos Tea Dragon, Chamomile Tea Dragon, Ginseng Tea Dragon, Earl Grey Tea Dragon, Hibiscus Tea Dragon, Ginger Tea Dragon, and Peppermint Tea Dragon. Each has its own personality. I get the idea that no two tea dragons are alike. These dragons offer a rewarding relationship with their owners, but, it isn't easy-going especially in the beginning.

Katie O'Neill has without a doubt spent a great deal of time world-building. This especially comes through in the appendix. 

I love, love, love, love, LOVE tea. I've had all the teas listed above with the exception of Ginseng. (I've never drank Ginseng before.) I've never had a magical trip as a result of tea drinking. But I've made plenty of happy memories. I love to drink tea and read; I also love to drink tea and watch stuff. (For example, I love to watch Call the Midwife with a cup of tea in hand.)

If I had an equally strong attachment to dragons, I imagine this one would have delighted even more.

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I love this one! But then, I adore dragons! It's so cute though! <3