Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Me? Listen to Audio?! #43

The Small House at Allington. Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Michael Simmons Roberts. Directed by Gary Brown. Aired on BBC Radio. Starring Scarlett Alice Johnson as Lily Dale and Samuel Barnett as Johnny Eames. 3 one hour episodes.

I really enjoyed this one. It is an adaptation. And I am fairly sure they didn’t stick too closely to the actual book when it comes to minor characters and minor plot points. But it was a FUN listen. It is always a treat to revisit this series. I’ve now listened to The Warden, Barchester Towers, Doctor Thorne, and Framley Parsonage.

The Opera Companion. Bryony Lavery. Originally aired 2004 on BBC Radio. 45 minutes.

Stars Derek Jacobi as Albie and Nichola McAuliffe as Marguerite.

Will two shy opera-lovers bond over opera? Is this the beginning of a fine romance? Or is their “love” doomed from the start since these two will be battling it out over an arm rest.

I accidentally listened to this one. It automatically started playing after The Small House At Allington. It was a happy accident. It was a hoot. Well, it was a hoot until it wasn’t. 

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Suko said...

I'm glad you enjoyed listening to this! Have a wonderful holiday season.

Becky said...

Thank you, you too!