Saturday, April 01, 2023

Sunday Salon #14 April Goals

I have a handful of BIG goals for April 2023!

Stuckinabook's THE 1940 CLUB -- April 10-16

I've got a handful of books lined up...including a handful of picture books...a couple of children's/middle grade books...and a couple of adult books (mostly mysteries). We'll see what I get read! But I am always super excited to participate, share links, and read other reviews.

Community of Classics Facebook Group -- April is a contemporary book based on a Classic work.

I've got stacks of books around my room that would qualify--many related to Austen's books. But I've also got a couple of 2023 review copies...including Jane & Edward by Melodie Edwards, Fair Rosaline by Natasha Solomons, A Bit of Earth by Karuna Riazi, I'm Not Charlotte Lucas by Kasey Stockton. If I were to go back to 2022, I'm sure I'd find just as many....

April ABC's -- This one is of my own doing.  I'll be counting books from all three blogs (I think that's more than fair). I've already reviewed my "U" and my "V". This will be mainly books that come my way (expect quite a few from 1940 for example), with special attention made to seeking out difficult letters.


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