Friday, July 17, 2009

Poetry Friday Round-Up

Hi! Welcome to Becky's Book Reviews. I'm happy to be hosting this week's Poetry Friday round-up. Please leave a link in the comments. I'll be rounding up throughout the day.

To get us started, we have Tricia of The Miss Rumphius Effect in with Moonflowers.

At Readertotz, we have Hush You Mice.

Lorie Ann Grover of On Point shares, Andy Warhol Portrait.

Susan Taylor Brown is in with a roundup of 15 words or less poems.

Mary Lee of A Year of Reading is in with Against Travel.

Heidi Mordhorst is sharing her poem Cherry Very.

Jama is in with two poems by William Stafford.

Just One More Book is in with a chat about a rhyming spin on the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Diane of Random Noodling is in with some William Wordsworth.

Irene is sharing Mary Oliver's The Summer Day.

Kurious Kitty is in with a review of Gallop-o-Gallop.

Laura is in with a story about the ALA Poetry Blast and is featuring two poems.

Linda is in with a review of Sold.

PaperTigers is in with a post on Shakespeare for kids.

The Stenhouse Blog is in with Code Blue by Matt Copeland.

Shelf Elf is in with some e.e. cummings.

The Write Sisters are contributing a poem by Edgar Fawcett, To the Oriole.

Kimberly is also sharing some e.e. cummings this week.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast is sharing Mary Oliver's Lilies.

Teaching Authors is in with a post about envelope poems.

Bookie Woogie is in with a review of Flip, Flap, Fly.

Little Willow is in with Silence by D.H. Lawrence at Bildungsroman.

Kelly Fineman is in with The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Tennyson.

Karen is in with an original poem I Know Your Name.

Sarah Miller is encouraging folks to read Once I Ate A Pie.

John Mutford is in with a quote from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Color Online is sharing A Little Salt by Tara Betts.

Jennie from Biblio File is thinking about King Arthur and sharing The Lady of Shalott.

Sylvia is celebrating her blogaversary and reporting on ALA's Poetry Blast.

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susanwrites 12:25 AM  

I'm in with the round up of poems from this week's poems of 15 words or less at

Heidi Mordhorst,  5:33 AM  

From Bethesda, MD (home of Walter "The Big Train" Johnson, celebrated pitcher of the 1920's), a poem about spitting cherry pits and doing it right, from my forthcoming book: Cherry Very
Thanks to Becky for hosting!

jama 5:38 AM  

Hi Becky,

Today I'm sharing two poems by William Stafford, "When I Met My Muse," and "An Introduction to Some Poems."

Thanks for doing the roundup this week. :)

Andrea Ross & Mark Blevis of Podcast 5:39 AM  

Thanks for rounding us up today, Becky.

Mark & I contribute to Poetry Friday today with a quick chat about a rhyming spin on the 12 dancing princesses, which replaces dancing with playing basketball!
The Princesses Have a Ball.

Enjoy your day!

Diane Mayr 6:25 AM  

Thanks for hosting, today.

I'm in with a short poem by William
Wordsworth at Random Noodling.

Irene Latham 6:29 AM  

Becky, thanks so much for hosting! I'm in with one of my faves, The Summer Day by Mary Oliver.


Kurious Kitty looks at Gallop-o-Gallop by Sandra Alonzo.

Have a great weekend!

laurasalas 7:14 AM  

Thanks for hosting, Becky! I'm in at

with a story about the ALA Poetry Blast and a poem each from Lee Bennett Hopkins and Rebecca Kai Dotlich.

Linda 7:23 AM  

Thanks for hosting! I have a review of the powerful verse novel SOLD over at Write Time.

Sally Ito 7:32 AM  

Hi, PaperTigers is in today with a post on Shakespeare for kids. See:

The Stenhouse Blog 8:11 AM  

Hello! This week's poem on The Stenhouse Blog is by Matt Copeland titled Code Blue. It's part of our "Teaching Lives" poetry contest - entries are still welcome! Details on the blog!

Shelf Elf 8:23 AM  

Hi Becky! Thanks for being the host. My poem is "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by e.e. cummings. A little whimsy for a summer day.

Have a good one!

Shelf Elf 8:24 AM  

Whoops! Shelf Elf here again - forgot to leave my link ("anyone lived in a pretty how town")


Jet 8:36 AM  

The Write Sisters have birds on the brain today. Their Poetry Friday selection is To the Oriole by Edgar Fawcett.

Kimberly @ lectitans 8:39 AM  

Here's mine - two from e e cummings. Thanks for hosting!

Poetry Friday: e e cummings

Jules at 7-Imp 8:46 AM  

I'm in with Mary Oliver's "Lilies":

Thanks for hosting.

Carmela Martino 9:17 AM  

Thanks for hosting, Becky.

Today at, April Halprin Wayland shares an original "envelope poem" and a lesson plan for how to write one. See her post at:

Also, there's still time [until 11 pm CST tonight] to enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of Ann Whitford Paul's Writing Picture Books by posting a comment about a favorite picture book at:

Happy Poetry Friday!

Lorie Ann Grover 9:25 AM  

Thank you for hosting! This week at readertotz we have Hush You Mice, a Russian nursery rhyme. Over at On Point I have an original haiku, Andy Warhol Portrait. Happy Poetry Friday!

Z-Kids 9:34 AM  

Thanks for hosting!

This week the Z-Kids looked at the book "Flip, Flap, Fly," revisited alliteration, and wrote a poetry verse of their own...

Kelly Fineman 10:12 AM  

Hi Becky! Thanks for hosting. I'm in with The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Tennyson. Here's the link info:

Karen E. 10:39 AM  

Hi, Becky --

I'm in with an original poem this week. It's here.

Thanks for hosting!

Color Online 12:35 PM  

Thanks for hosting. Please add me. I'm featuring Tara Betts.

Color Online 12:41 PM  

OT, Linda, I loved Sold. I have it on my unofficial list of Great YA literature.

Jennie 1:23 PM  

Thanks for hosting!

I'm in with "The Lady of Shallot"

Sylvia Vardell 8:26 AM  

Hi, Becky! Thanks for rounding up the crew. I'm late, but wanted to mention that I covered the ALSC Poetry Blast in Chicago on Monday. FYI.

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