Friday, July 10, 2009

Castle In The Air (MG)

Jones, Diana Wynne. 1990. Castle in the Air. 383 pages.

Far to the south of the land of Ingary, in the Sultanates of Rashpuht, a young carpet merchant called Abdullah lived in the city of Zanzib. As merchants go, he was not rich. His father had been disappointed in him, and when he died, he had only left Abdullah just enough money to buy and stock a modest booth in the northwest corner of the Bazaar. The rest of his father's money, and the large carpet emporium in the center of the Bazaar, had all gone to the relatives of his father's first wife.
Abdullah had never been told why his father was disappointed in him. A prophecy made at Abdullah's birth had something to do with it. But Abdullah never bothered to find out more. Instead, from a very early age, he had simply made up daydreams about it.

Abdullah is quite a dreamer. Whether awake or asleep, his head is always up in the clouds. But can his dreams get him into trouble? Can his dreams lead him into a dangerous adventure? One day Abdullah buys a magic carpet. Not knowing quite where to store this 'magic' carpet to keep it safe, he decides to sleep on it. He's startled a bit that night to see that this magic carpet has taken the liberty of flying off with him. He awakes to find himself in a beautiful garden with a beautiful princess. The princess is a bit startled herself. You see, she's got a prophecy hanging over her as well. (Though she doesn't know it. Her father has kept it from her, of course.) She's never seen another man besides her father. And to suddenly see one in your own private garden appear out of nowhere? That's a bit strange and it takes some getting used to. But as these two warm up to each other, the adventures are only getting started.

This is a fun fantasy novel. It has adventure, danger, mystery, humor, and just a trace of romance.

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Kristen Howe said...

Becky, I like your book blog. So much better than mine. Any tips to make it better? Feel free to visit mine.

Kami Garcia said...

This book is so fantastic!! A favorite of my students, my friends and me!

Kailana said...

hm, now I want to read this. Have to read the three books I have by her out from the library first, though!

Sandra Stiles said...

Yea! Another wonderful looking book by an author I read for the first time last month. Thanks for the review. I must add it to my list.

Zibilee said...

This sounds like just the type of book my daughter would love. I like the cover as well.