Monday, March 19, 2007

Carnival and Haiku

This month's carnival is hosted at Midwestern Lodestar!
Welcome to the 12th Carnival of Children's Literature.
There were so many submissions, that it felt more like the State Fair.

So, come on in.
Be amazed, enlightened, inspired.
And yes, by all means.....


One of the new-to-me blogs that I found thanks to the above carnival is a blog called "Emilyreads." I plan to add it to my links over on the right as soon as I hit "publish." What makes Emilyreads unique, you say? It's all about the haiku. She reviews children's and young adult books in haiku form!!! How fun and clever is that??? I NEVER would have thought of doing that...I'm much more long-winded. :)

Here are just a few of the books she's reviewed:
Higher Power of Lucky
Hattie Big Sky
Book Thief
Story of A Girl
Forever In Blue
A Drowned Maiden's Hair
Toys Go Out
Life As We Knew It

Oh how I wish I felt *right* borrowing a haiku or two so you could know the *glory* of the site...but that would be stealing.

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