Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Big Bad Wolf Does Yoga

A few days ago, I reviewed The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives. Today I am reviewing the second book in the series entitled THE SISTERS GRIMM: THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.

Buckley, Michael. 2005. The Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects. Pictures by Peter Ferguson.

In most towns, the police do not rely on an old woman, two kids, and a sleepy dog to solve crimes, but Ferryport Landing was no ordinary town. More than half of its residents were part of a secret community known as the Everafters. Everafters were actually fairy-tale characters who had fled Europe to escape persecution. Settling in the little river town almost two hundred years ago, they now used magical disguises to live and work alongside their normal neighbors. Ogres worked at the post office, witches ran the twenty-four hour diner, and the town mayor was the legendary Prince Charming. The humans were none the wiser--except the Grimms. As fantastic and thrilling as it sounded to live among fairy-tale characters, it wasn't a dream come true for Sabrina Grimm. Being the last in a long line of Grimms (descended from the famous Brothers Grimm), she and her sister had had the family responsibility of keeping the peace between Everafters and humans thrust upon them no less than three weeks ago. And it wasn't an easy job. (2)

Our story begins roughly three weeks after Fairy-Tale Detectives concluded, the two sisters are still adjusting to their new home. Still adjusting to living with 'the big, bad wolf' in his disguise as Mr. Canis. Still adjusting to their new stepbrother of sorts, the infamous Puck. But even more change is on the way: the two must begin attending school OR they'll be taken back into foster care and into the care of the dreaded Ms. Smirt. Changing schools is difficult for most kids, but it becomes even more challenging in Ferryport where some of the staff are Everafters...and some of the students are children of Everafters.

Sabrina had been to a lot of schools in the last year and a half, and they all had a few things in common. Every one of them had a couple of grouchy teachers, a bully, a bully's punching bag, a weird cafeteria lady, a bathroom that everyone was afraid to go into, and a librarian who worships something called the Dewey Decimal System. None of those schools, however, had a teacher-killing monster scurrying through its hallways. And they said New York City had everything. (90-91).

Even with all of the new adventures and mysteries to solve, Sabrina cannot and will not forget her most important mission; she's determined to find her missing parents and the Everafters responsible for their disappearance. But is her anger and frustration even more dangerous than she knows??? Find out in this second exciting installment of The Sisters Grimm.

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