Friday, March 23, 2007

My Good Friend, Bartimaeus

Stroud, Jonathan. 2006. Bartimaeus Trilogy Book Three: Ptolemy's Gate.

Last night--late last night--I concluded the Bartimaeus Trilogy. Ptolemy's Gate is a GREAT book. I love the series. Love the characters. Ptolemy's Gate occurs three years after the conclusion of GOLEM'S EYE. Now our main characters Kitty and John Mandrake (aka Nathaniel) are seventeen or eighteen. A lot of things have changed, but Bartimaeus' sarcasm hasn't. John Mandrake is now one of the must trusted members of the council. He's a prestigious magician in charge of marketing war propaganda. The war in America which was just getting started in Golem's Eye has been going badly. It's hard for the commoners or 'the people' to understand why the war is just...and why they should sacrifice themselves for a cause they don't believe in or support. One thing is certain--people within and without the empire are tired of the corrupt magicians running the show. Most people want change...and they want it now. Kitty has been living under a false name (two false names really) and she has a few secrets of her own. She has started to learn magic! A 'commoner' has started to learn magic--if people only knew she'd be in BIG trouble. And Bartimaeus, poor, poor Bartimaeus enslaved to Mandrake for three long years. His essence is fading; his strength is diminishing. Yet John won't be reasoned with. The Bartimaeus books are always full of danger, adventure, lies, secrets, etc. Ptolemy's Gate is no different. Expect the chase scenes. Expect the close calls. These three characters we've come to know (and perhaps to love) will have to learn to work together and trust one another if they expect to win the BIG battle and save the day. It won't be easy. It won't be fun. But their very survival depends on it.


1morechapter said...

My boys just finished this series on audio and LOVED it. My older son said he did not want the series to end!

1morechapter said...

Forgot to mention--

We're Stargate SG-1 fans also. We like Stargate Atlantis and the new Dr. Who as well.