Friday, March 30, 2007


Van Draanen, Wendelin. 2001. Flipped.

Bryce and Julianna have had a love-hate relationship since the day they second grade. For Julianna, she falls for his amazing blue eyes. She can't help but want to be around him. Bryce finds Julianna annoying...a pest. Just because she lives next door doesn't give her any right to always be showing up at his house. Flipped chronicles their relationship from second to eighth grade. The novel is narrated alternately by Bryce and Julianna. It is a "He Said/She Said" novel for middle schoolers. I find it interesting to read the differences between the two. How she interpets events as opposed to how Bryce perceives things. All very interesting indeed. I really enjoyed this novel. And it probably won't surprise you that by the time he's in eighth grade, Bryce is beginning to finally open his eyes to who Julianna really is...and beginning to find a use for girls after all.

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