Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dunk the Bozo

Lubar, David. 2002. Dunk.

Dunk is the story of a difficult summer in Chad's life. It all starts out well. Chad and his best friend, Jason, are walking the Boardwalk and having fun laughing and playing. Chad's favorite hangout is near the dunk tank. He loves watching Bozo draw the crowd. He loves hearing the insults that Bozo throws out. He loves watching the marks try to get their revenge. Chad knows that he would make a great Bozo. He wants the chance to sit in that cage and watch the crowds go by. He wants the chance to shout at the world through the protection of the cage. Meanwhile, he's happy just to be out strolling in the crowds and having fun. But for whatever reason, he's a target of the police. One policeman at least seems to have pegged Chad as a bad boy who needs to be taught a lesson or two. When Chad is hanging out with Jason and Jason begins having a seizure, the police ARREST him. They're convinced that Jason and Chad must be druggies. The truth? Jason is diagnosed with a serious illness. There is no way that Chad could in anyway be responsible. But does that stop Jason's mom from blaming him and barring him from visiting the hospital? No. Life isn't fair for Chad these days. With more time on his hands than ever before, he throws all his energy into training to become a Bozo. With the help of a few friends, he's on his way to learning how to be a clown and how to truly live life.

Chapter One of Dunk

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