Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Touching Darkness

Westerfeld, Scott. 2004. Midnighters #2: Touching Darkness.

Like the first book in the Midnighters series, Touching Darkness is an exciting, adventurous read. Five young teenagers are exploring a world that they're not quite sure of...a world that's dangerous and risky...a world that threatens their own existence. In Touching Darkness, our Midnighters learn that danger lurks even in the other twenty-four hours of the day. So while they're used to being prepared in the Midnight Hour (Blue Hour, whatever you want to call it) to fight the enemy of Darklings...they are not used to the idea of humans being manipulated and controlled by darklings during the rest of the day. It's a new, disturbing idea that becomes all too real to the teens. Can the team forget their differences and learn to work together to fight the enemy? Or will inside bickering weaken the team enough to let one of their own be captured?

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