Thursday, June 21, 2007

5 Things Meme

I found this meme at Who Could Ask For Anything More. I don't know where it originated. But it looked like fun. (And I'm always happy to find a good meme.)

Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago

1) Attending my first summer semester at college. It's hard to believe that ten years ago I was just getting started in college. Now it's three degrees later.
2) I was really into the Teletubbies. It's hard to remember a time when I wasn't called Po (or more correctly pO) by practically everyone.
3) I was attending a lot more concerts. That's for sure. Spring and summer meant two things: Six Flags and concerts. Oh the glory days of concerts with loud music that you could bounce to. Oh the glory days of Lemon Chills and Pink Things. The hot, sticky glory of it all.
4) I was only just beginning to listen to "secular" music. I had grown up listening to either Christian music or oldies or country. But the spring and summer of 1997, I began listening to other stuff for the first time. The joy of discovering Matchbox 20. The joy of Sugar Ray. And late summer, I believe, was when Backstreet Boys hit really really big.
5) I had only just discovered the addictive nature of Bath & Body Works lotion. I think there is something about smelling it in the store (and using the sample displays) that makes you have to buy it...even if you've got plenty of lotion at home. One reason why, ten years later, I won't allow myself to go anywhere near the store. It's just too much temptation.

Five Snacks I Enjoy

1) Natural, Crunchy peanut butter spread thickly on an Eggo homestyle waffle.
2) Pimento cheese sandwich. I love, love, love pimento cheese...or as I call it POmento cheese. Enough to write songs about it.
3) Almonds are good "piggy-backed" with wheat thins OR "piggy-backed" on teddy grahams. Especially chocolate teddy grahams.
4) Cream cheese on graham crackers. Preferably HoneyMaid graham crackers.
5) Here's another snack that isn't quite the norm. I like to make melted Colby Jack cheesesticks inside a hot dog bun with mustard. I love hot mustard.

Five Songs I Know All the Lyrics To

1) Sing (words & music by Joe Raposo) but performed by the Carpenters
2) Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
3) All You Need Is Love by The Beatles (Did I forget to mention that in the five things I was doing ten years ago section???? I was obsessed, absolutely obsessed, with the Beatles).
4) Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful
5) I'm Henry the VIII by Herman's Hermits

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire

1) Buy all the Bibles I have ever wanted.
2) Build a bigger house--a dream house--so I could have floor to ceiling bookcases. A place where there would always be more room for books. :)
3) I would probably go a little crazy and buy a big tv, and all the dvds and cds I want :)
4) But I also would want to save a large part of it...I wouldn't want to just have a few weeks of fun and then have it all be gone.
5) I would buy my mom all the fabric she wants so she could make quilts galore.

Five Bad Habits

1) I do have a tendency to be a wee bit messy and unorganized.
2) I do have a habit of being a packrat and not wanting to throw anything (except obvious trash) away. But at least I come by it honestly.
3) Sometimes I'm really bad about starting a book and not finishing it. Not because it's bad or boring, but because I get distracted by another book, a newer book.
4) I check out more books from the library than I could ever read in three weeks.
5) I like to sing songs for attention.

Five Things I Like To Do

1) I love, love, love to watch Stargate. SG-1. I love, love, love Daniel. I love, love, love Jack and Sam together.
2) I love to read books. I am always reading something. Unless I'm sick, it's rare for me not to read at least one book a day. Reading is like breathing and I wouldn't know how to live in a world without books.
3) I love to listen to iTunes. I love to listen to my sermon podcasts. I love to listen to music. All kinds of music. Michael Buble. John Mayer. Jim Croce. Partridge Family. The Beatles. Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Rob Thomas. Five for Fighting. George Strait. Tim McGraw. Doris Day.
4) I love Luigi Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, I go out with my friends to Luigis...and then always, always a trip to the library. It's the best day of the week as far as I'm concerned. This fall, it marks the beginning of the fifth year!
5) I like to watch musicals. This week I've been reliving the glory of Calamity Jane. I think I mentioned in another meme a few months ago, but this is a movie that I would watch repeatedly. I don't know how old I was...probably 7-9ish...but there was a summer I would watch Calamity Jane every single day.

Five Things I Would Never Wear Again:

1) Headbands.
2) Bangs. I don't know if this counts under "wear again" or not. But let's just say that this was a mistake I'll never ever make again.
3) Leggings
4) stirrup pants
5) parachute pants

Five Favorite Toys

1) Barbies. I love, love, love Barbies. I could get specific and start naming names. But only my sister would know who was who.
2) Stuffed Animals. Any kind really. Teddy bears. Monkeys. Elephants. Dogs. etc. I love the Ty beanie buddies collection. And I do have quite a stash of beanie babies.
3) I love my electronic travel-size yahtzee game. Love it. It's very addictive.
4) Strawberry Shortcake is always fun.
5) I've always loved dolls. My favorite is a life-size baby. With a "heartbeat."


Faith said...

I'm Henery the Eighth, I am, Henery the Eight, I am, I am. I got married to the widow next door. She's been married seven times before, and every one was a Henery. She wouldn't have a Willie or a Sam. I'm her eighth old man, I'm Henery. Henery the Eighth, I am.
Second verse, same as the first.

I haven't thought of that song in years!!! Thanks for the smile.

Melissa said...

Someone else out there who knows all the words to a Carpenter's song! Yay, I'm not alone!