Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hole in the Sky

Hautman, Pete. 2001. Hole in the Sky.

In 2028, a deadly Flu virus ravages the earth. Only one in two thousand survive the virus, and these “Survivors” are rarely left unaffected. By 2038, only 38 million people remain on Earth. Most of them live in small communities, ever fearful of outsiders who might bring the deadly Flu.

Hole in the Sky is the story of four young teens living in this new world. Ceej and his sister Harryette live with their uncle. Tim is the son of a trader. He comes to stay with Ceej while his father travels from community to community. Bella is a loner. She is half-Hopi. She has come to the Grand Canyon in search of a mystical portal--Sipapuni. Their fates are intertwined in this survival novel.

The Kinka are a dangerous band of “Survivors” who bring death and destruction wherever they go. Knowing that only one in two thousand has the chance to become one of them, they travel from community to community attacking settlements with the virus. The new survivors join the Kinka on their mission to create a ‘better’ human race. You see, the children of the Kinka are immune to the Flu. Their strong enough to survive in this new world. While everyone else lives and cowers in fear. The Kinka are strong enough to be brave and reckless.

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