Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day Two & The End

On Day Two, I was able to complete three books: Louisiana's Song, Beauty Shop for Rent, and The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card. (Note: My brain is WAY too tired to write a review about this book tonight. And I won't be able to fit in time to blog about it before the 48 hours are up. But my review will be coming shortly!)

Day 2= 3 books read, 1042 pages, 12 hours reading and blogging.

Combined with day one that gives me:

8 books
2447 pages
23 and a half hours spent reading and blogging

What I learned:

1) Like Elmo, I learned that everyday can't be other words...reading that many hours a day is just tiresome. Everything should be done in moderation.
2) That I read faster when I'm not tired.
3) I should have planned on more variety. While I love YA books. Love them. Reading 7 in a row proved a little tiresome. Thus, I had to add some of my all-time favorite, Orson Scott Card, to help me out of my reading slump.


Sherry said...

Becky, I just wanted you to know that I linked your reviews at my Saturday Review of Books ( Come over any Saturday and leave a link to future reviews. It looks as if you read some good books this weekend. I'm looking forward to checking out a couple of them myself.

Dewey said...

Wow! You had really high totals!