Saturday, June 09, 2007

Louisiana's Song

Madden, Kerry. 2007. Louisiana's Song. 256 pages.

Louisiana's Song is the sequel to Gentle's Holler. At the end of Gentle's Holler, Livvy Two's father was in a horrible car accident. He has spent months in a coma. Louisiana's Song opens the day that their father is returning home. He's out of his coma, but his recovery is far from over. He has trouble remembering. He doesn't remember their home. But more terrifying still, he doesn't remember his children. While at first it is the younger children who have a hard time excepting their "daddy" back home in this new condition, it soon becomes the older children who become disturbed. The ones that are under the age of four have no expectations really of what their daddy should be like. But the older ones, it's different. He doesn't know them. He doesn't seem comfortable with them. It's like they're strangers to one another. Livvy takes this especially hard. Although that could be simply because she's the narrator. It's her burden, her story to tell. But this story isn't hers alone. In Lousiana's Song we catch glimpses of Louise and Becksie as well--particularly Louise. As these older children all find ways to help their family through this financial strain, they learn that teamwork is the only way to make it work. Their daddy may be home again, but their struggles are just beginning.

Louisiana's Song is a wonderful drama all growing up, finding yourself, and loving and accepting your family.

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