Thursday, June 14, 2007

One Naked Baby

Smith, Maggie. 2007. One Naked Baby: Counting to Ten and Back Again.

One Naked Baby is a counting book that tells the story of one cute baby and his very busy day. From morning to evening--getting dressed to bath time--this young baby is always on the go. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, from the bright sky blue sky to the happy yellow daffodils. Whether the baby is munching his "six crunchy fish" or digging around in the dirt with seven worms that wiggle, he is always active and engaged. And the illustrations can keep young kids engaged as well. For example, there are certain pictures (items) that keep recurring in the illustrations: bunnies, turtles, elephants, a mouse, an alligator, a duck, etc.

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Happy Reader said...

Becky - I am so glad to discover your blog! I have a little one, who is 2 months old, but I am collecting all sorts of story books for her. I esp loved your post 'Just for Babies - 2007 Board Books'. I am looking fwd to getting some of those.