Saturday, September 01, 2007

Among the Enemy

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. 2005. Among the Enemy

When the government is overthrown in AMONG THE BRAVE, the celebrations only last for mere minutes. Soon the dreadful news sink in. The Population Police have overthrown the government. And the Population Police show no mercy. Matthias is the narrator in our sixth book of the series. Matthias and his friends Percy and Alia are taken by the population police along with the whole student body of his school. In fact, one of the first things the new government did was to close down all schools and to ‘take’ the children as a work force saying that they’d have to start earning the food they’d eat if they want to survive. But when the truck carrying the three children has an accident, things go in a different direction. While Percy and Matthias survive the crash, their youngest friend, Alia is in serious danger. With a head injury, she remains unconscious for days. Forced to carry her as they make their way through the woods at night, it seems almost unbearable until their situation gets even worse. When Percy is shot in the leg, it’s up to Matthias to figure out a way to save both their lives and his own. What is a young boy to do? Overwhelmed, Matthias’ adventure is only beginning.


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I Lee Edwards would love to thank you for making a great series of the shadow children it was so touching that I cried during most of the book

P.S I really hope you publish more books

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this was so amazing i hope you do some more book reviews on more of these series Margaret Peterson Haddix is an amazing author!!!