Saturday, September 15, 2007

More About the Readathon!

As I mentioned a little while ago, Dewey of The Hidden Side of A Leaf is hosting a 24 Hour Readathon. She has now posted an update. Her post is very long, but it's worth reading all the details and fine print! You can sign up to be a reader, cheerleader, or promoter via Mr. Linky. I have *officially* signed up to be a reader. I know I won't last the 24 hours. But I'm hoping to give it my all while I can keep my eyes open! For those in the Central time zone, it starts at 8AM on October 20th. "People who sign up to be readers are committing to reading books, posting updates in their blogs, and if they need breaks, visiting the blogs of other readers and encouraging them. The most hardcore among us will stay up the entire 24 hours and do nothing but read and update, even going so far as to skip showering and eat meals while reading. However, not all of us are that hardcore, and it’s ok for you to customize this readathon to meet your needs."

SATURDAY OCTOBER 20TH, starting at 2pm GMT

We’re timing it to line up with the 24 Hour Comics Day, so the date will be Saturday, October 20th. I checked Google Analytics and saw that the majority of my readers are in North America, with the second largest readership in Europe. So I tried to come up with a time when the greatest number of people will be rested. 2pm GMT is 6am in California, which may be early, but if you normally get up at 8, you can just start at 8, no problem. Here’s a world time zone map.


Dewey said...

Thanks for promoting the read-a-thon, Becky! I'm thrilled you'll be a reader. The post IS awfully long, but I figure people mostly know which they want to be, reader or cheerleader, and they can skip sections that don't apply to them.

Dewey said...

Also, you said you signed up to be a reader... did you put your info into the Mr Linky? Because if you did, it's not working and I'll have to fiddle with it.

Becky said...

It shows up on my computer. Let me know if you're still having trouble. I was the first to sign up :)

Stephanie said...

It sounds like fun! BUT A). I have 3 kids that would make it virtually impossible for me to read for a straight 24hrs and B.) Oct. 20th is already out on my calendar. My son has a travel football game that day, AND my neighbors are getting married!! So I'll literally be gone from 11 in the morning until probably 11 that night!

BUT I look forward to reading about all you "hard-cores" out there!