Friday, September 07, 2007

Poetry Friday: Two About Homework

by Russell Hoban

Homework sits on top of Sunday, squashing Sunday flat.
Homework has the smell of Monday, homework’s very fat
Heavy books and piles of paper, answers I don’t know.
Sunday evening’s almost finished, now I’m going to go
Do my homework in the kitchen. Maybe just a snack,
Then I’ll sit right down and start as soon as I run back
For some chocolate sandwich cookies. Then I’ll really do
All that homework in a minute. First I’ll see what new
Show they’ve got on television in the living room.
Everybody’s laughing there, but misery and gloom
And a full refrigerator are where I am at.
I’ll just have another sandwich. Homework’s very fat.

From The 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury. Selected by Jack Prelutsky

by Jane Yolen

What is it about homework
That makes me want to write
My Great Aunt Myrt to thank her for
The sweater that’s too tight?

What is it about homework
That makes me pick up socks
That stink from days and days of wear,
Then clean the litter box?

What is it about homework
That makes me volunteer
To take the garbage out before
The bugs and flies appear?

What is it about homework
That makes me wash my hair
And take an hour combing out
The snags and tangles there?

What is it about homework?
You know, I wish I knew.
‘Cause nights when I’ve got homework
I’ve got too much to do!

From Breakfast, Books, & Dreams: A Day In Verse. Selected by Michael Patrick Hearn.

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I particularly like that first one!