Monday, September 24, 2007

The Dark Dreamweaver

Ruth, Nick. The Dark Dreamweaver.

The Dark Dreamweaver is the first in a new fantasy series, The Remin Chronicles, by Nick Ruth. It features an imaginative young boy, two cats, and a talking caterpillar that is an enchanted wizard. Of course there are many other characters, both good and bad, that make this magical read worth the time. Thane, the evil villain (you may hiss and boo if you like) has stolen the Imaginator in the land of Remin. (An other world very different from Earth). And he is using this to gain power both over Remin and Earth. His obsession with power and the dark side is causing millions of people--young and old alike--to have nightmares every night. Houdin, the caterpillar, is a wizard trapped by a reincarnation spell to go through endless cycles as a monarch caterpillar/butterfly. Only one boy in his endless cycling has had the ability to hear his cries for help and intervention, David. Together the two travel back to Remin where David becomes a wizard-in-training and stands in with the magic wand while Houdin provides assistance. There they make plenty of new friends and encounter various enemies. Overall, it is an enjoyable fantasy.

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a good my my daughter would love. She is always on the lookout for something new.