Monday, September 03, 2007

Writing that lives on...

I just wanted to share a snippet of an article I found today. It is not new--it is from June 2007--but it is relevant to what I'm reading these days--H.G. Wells.
There are few enough writers in any field whose short stories will be read 100 years after they were written...H. G. Wells’s stories are still readable, and can be read not as curiosities from the past but as living things. Wells himself said of his short stories: “I make no claims for them and no apology; they will be read as long as people read them. Things written either live or die . . .”

Of all the things one can say about his stories, to my mind unquestionably the best is this: long after they were written, they live.

Back to the Future, Neil Gaiman. Times Online.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful quote! Thank you for sharing it.